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This product evolved from the ultimate anchor sling, for those who don't need that much strength. It is made from 5mm dyneema rope with a minimum breaking strength of 22kn.  The advantage of this eye-to-eye configuration is that they eyes on the end are double strength, so it can be very strong when hitched onto hardwear, or when chokered around a tree or boulder, and you can hitch multiples together to make a longer device. 


With this sort of 12-strand dyneema rope, when we use it to equalize anchors by tying a master point, all of the testing I have done and seen supports the idea that you get 1/3rd resigual strength. So for this cord when you attach it to two points and tie a loop you have 1/3 of 44kn (two strands of 22kn.) That means a master point of about 14.7kn.


The yellow one in the pictures is 6' long and weighs 46 grams. It has 4'' loops in the ends. The green one is 12' long and has 12'' end loops. it weighs 88 grams. 


These things have endless uses. Some whitewater guides like them as a flip line because they are light and small, don't absorb water, and can also be used to build and anchor for rescue. I take mine alpine climbing and use it to sling large blocks and horns very quickly and easily. A friend who is a canyoneer figured out how to make retrievable anchors with them. In my fiddling around I found that the 6-footer was great for building a guide's 5:1. I also found it a decent length for jumping around a rescue system to pass a knot. 


When ordering, choose the overall length you want within the size range, and the size of loops you want at the ends. Many colors available so you can organize your kit. 


If you want something different in an eye-to eye sling, please fill out this form to enquire about a fully custom product:

Ultralight Anchor Sling

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