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Ski Guide's Foot Loop

This came about as a result of developing the Micro Prussik with ACMG Ski Guide instructor Harrison Brickman. I spent a day at the crag with him practicing various menouvers, and I observed him ascending a 6mm rope with a foot loop made from 5mm tech cord. This was attached to the rope with a 4-wrap prussik that was barely functional. 

Afterwards we emailed about various ideas of what could replace his foot loop, wanting something cleaner and lighter than attaching a sling to a prussik with a carabiner. We landed on this device, which is made from the same 5mm polyester cord as the micro prussik. It has a 30cm loop in one end, and a 45cm loop in the other. Harrison ties the smaller loop onto the rope and uses the bigger loop for his foot. This 49gm piece of cord provides an elegant and handy device that he thinks will do several jobs for him. It has an end-to-end strength of 8kn, same as the knotted strength of RADline. 

Litter Bridle Complex.jpg

This was a prospective litter bridle I was working on, it's purpose was the safe time. Most of the teams I am familiar with spend a lot of time tying interlocking long-tail bowlines and then using the tails as secondary attachments for the patient and the attendant.  the concept here was that the two long whoopie slings (green and yellow) could serve as attachments, so with this you just tie the ropes to the ring, and then clip one whoopie sling to the patient and one ot the attendant, and you are good to go. 

This idea didn't come to fruition, and there are still some problems to be solved with it. If you are interested in something like this drop me an email. 

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