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This item was developed from a conversations with an alpinist who climbs a lot in Peru, and therefore uses a lot snow pickets. We started talking about friction hitches and hitch cords and then decided to make an eye-to-eye hitch cord that could replace the slings he uses on his pickets. 


The underlying idea is that with small tweaks an eye-to-eye cord can become more versatile. A 3'' eye is big enough to hitch onto a snow picket, and I plastic reinforced eye is easiter to clip with big gloves on. These can be made in whatever length you want, with any combination of eyes. 11kn end-to-end strength. This cord makes grippy friction hitches on ropes down to about 7mm just fine. 


The examples shown are 36-42 inches long. If you 

MUC Multi Use Cord

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