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This device was born out of my purchasing a 6mm rope for ski mountaineering. I wasn't satisfied with my Tibloc and Spoc. Contemplating a complex rescue with an unconcious casualty made me really wish for a reliable friction hitch.


This is just that. 5mm hollow-braid polyester is very grippy, it holds over 2kn with a 3-wrap prussik. It is stronger than 6mm perlon, this cord has an end-to-end strength of 6.5kn and a basket strenth of 13kn. A 24-inch cord weighs 19 grams. 


The minimum length to make a 3 over 3 VT or 6 over 1 swabish on 6mm is 18 inches. Longer gives you more options, and makes it easier to make hitches that will release under load. This cord is very grippy so I find myself making longer hitches if I want them to release. 


This material is only available in grey. 

Micro Hitch Cord

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